River Valley Community College Admissions

Admissions to River Valley Community College is open to all applicants meeting the admissions standards of the College and respective programs of study. Applicants will not be barred from admission because of race, age, gender, handicap, religion, or national origin.

Admissions Procedures

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Application Materials for Admissions

An application for admission may be downloaded from this site Application Process & Forms, obtained from the Admissions Office at our Claremont Campus, or at our Academic Center in Keene. All applications and support materials should be mailed or forwarded to: Admissions Office, River Valley Community College, 1 College Place, Claremont, NH 03743-9707

General Admissions Requirements and Procedures:

  1. Complete and submit an official River Valley Community College application to the Admissions Office. Include the $20 Application Fee. Checks or money orders should be made payable to River Valley Community College. When applying online, the application fee must be paid with a valid credit/debit card at time of submission. Applications received without the application fee will not be processed.
  2. Submit evidence of graduation from  high school along with an official transcript of courses and grades; or official transcript of courses and grades; or official documentation of a General Equivalent Diploma (GED) or its satisfactory equivalent. Official documents must be received directly from the granting institution in a sealed envelope. (NOTE: It is the applicant's responsibility to request that official transcripts of previous study be mailed directly to the Admissions Office.)
  3. Submit official transcripts of all previous college work. Official documents must be received directly from the granting institution in a sealed envelope.
  4. Additional requirements may be requested from the applicant for admission to specific programs of study. These requirements may include, but are not limited to, faculty interview, a program meeting, letters of reference, and pre-admission assessment testing such as the Accuplacer.
  5. Notify the College of eligibility for Veterans Administration and other aid programs.

Criminal background checks may be required for some program work based experiences. Applicants are responsible for insuring that  all documents requested by the College are received in the manner requested. All documents submitted to the College become the property of River Valley Community College and will not be returned or sent to other organizations or academic institutions. Refer to academic programs for specific admission requirements and application deadlines.

Matriculated Student

A student who applies to, is officially accepted to the College in a program, and has been confirmed by returning a deposit to the College is said to be matriculated. The status remains until the student officially withdraws from the program or college, is put on inactive status due to non-enrollment for 3 semesters, is dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons, or upon graduation. 

Health Forms

Matriculated students in some programs of study must complete Health Forms, which must be submitted to the Program Director prior to the start of the student's first semester. Specific proof of immunizations or laboratory work may also be required.

International Students

In addition to the general admission requirements and specific admission requirements for the desired program, international students issued an F-1 Visa must maintain a minimum course load of 12 credits per semester, must attend on a full time basis (12 credits or more per semester) and submit the following:

  1. Official English translation and transcript credential evaluation of all secondary school and university academic records, including a letter mailed directly to the College from an approved Credential Evaluation Service (visit for listing) insuring the authenticity of the educational credentials;
  2. Applicants whose native language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and earn a score of 500 or better (173 or better on the computer-based test); inquiries regarding the test should be addressed to: TOEFL, Educational Testing Service, Box 899, Princeton, New Jersey 08540; students earning less than 500 on the TOEFL may be evaluated for language study.*
  3. For students currently in the United States seeking a student Visa, the College may waive the TOEFL requirement and administer the College's placement test;

  4. Letter of support from the person(s) who will be financially responsible for the students; letter should include the student's name, intent to attend River Valley Community College, and the amount of money available and funds stated in US dollars;
  5. Letter from the financial institution which holds funds of the person(s) financially responsible for the student; statement should be on official letterhead, indicate the sponsor's and student's names, the amount of money available for the student stated in US dollars and written in English;
  6. Admissions require applicants to present original and current passport and immigration documents including current Visa and/or Duration of Status (D/S) card when available. Original documents are required; photo copies of original documents will be made at the College by RVCC staff. Dollar amounts promised by the sponsor and available in the sponsor's bank account should be sufficient to cover a minimum of two year of expenses (out-of-state tuition, fees, books and miscellaneous expenses). A Certificate of Eligibility for an F-1 Visa (I-20) must be updated when transferring to or attending each new education institution. Contact Admissions for procedure.
  7. Applicants are required to submit a $100 non-refundable Internation Admissions fee.

*Applicants scoring less than 500 on the TOEFL may apply for the General Studies program with an emphasis on ESL training for academic preparations.



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