WorkReadyNH is a FREE professional development course for career-minded individuals who want to improve their workplace skills and add a national recognized credential to their resume. WorkReadyNH helps companies foster a skilled workforce and find qualified applicants and employees.

The two key components to this FREE intensive training course are:

Soft Skills

Soft skills are the most important skills there are in the workforce. There's nothing soft about soft skills. They make or break an organization, workforce or relationship and are the key to developing a satisfying career and a positive and productive workforce.


ACT's WorkKeys exam assesses and credentials workplace math, reading and critical thinking skills. Pass with a 3 or above and receive the National Career readiness certificate (NCRC) from ACT.

60 hours of instruction in:

  • Interviews
  • Employer Expectiations
  • Safety
  • Harrassment/Diversity
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Ethics
  • Problem solving
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service

National Career Readiness Certificate:

  • Bronze:
    Skills for 35% of the jobs in ACT's extensive database
  • Silver:
    Skills for 65% of the jobs in ACT's extensive database
  • Gold:
    Skills for 90% of the jobs in ACT's extensive database
  • Platinum:
    Skills for 99% of the jobs in ACT's extensive database


Benefits to

  • Improve the skills employers want most
  • Improve confidence
  • Earn 2 certificates for resume
  • Increase earning power
  • Then let employers know you have the skills they want and need!

Benefits to Employers

WorkReadyNH was developed after discussions with New Hampshire employers LIKE YOU who need employees who:

  • Read and apply
    workplace information
  • Analyze information to determine correct actions
  • Work together with co-workers to get the job done
  • Are effective and efficient in their jobs


for 3 weeks
Tues & Thurs
for 12 weeks

Program is FREE and available only to NH residents.

Martha Mott
WorkReadyNH Director

Tricia Temple
WorkReadyNH Program Assistant

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