CSCI 235R : Scaling Networks

This course covers architecture, components, and the operations of routers and switches with increased focus on the installation and configuration of local and large complex networks known as wide area networks. Students learn how to configure routers and switches for advanced functionality. Topics include physically connecting LANs and WANs to Cisco routers, implementing static and dynamic routing using the Cisco IOS and troubleshooting routing problems. Access Control Lists provide an introduction to the creation of firewalls. Classful and classless routing protocols like RIP v1, RIP v 2, single area OSPF, and EIGRP will be thoroughly covered. In addition to basic switch configuration, Virtual LANs are created and trunking is implemented between switches. WAN services such as T1, ISDN, Frame Relay and PPP are examined. Students will also develop the knowledge and skills needed to implement DHCP and DNS operations in a network.


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