The large number of entry level healthcare positions at our local healthcare facilities are highly competitive.  The Healthcare Applications program will give you an edge when applying for those jobs by providing you a solid background in current healthcare issues, patient communication, and medical terminology; as well as providing basic skills in hands on patient care and letting you customize your program based on your goals.

Career Options

  • Home Health Aide
  • Dietetic Aid
  • Wellness Coach
  • Rehabilitation Aid
  • Clinical Secretary

Related Degrees

All Competitive Allied Health Programs (PTA, OTA, RAD, RESP, NURS, MLT)

The Healthcare Applications Certificate prepares students for entry level professions in the health care industry.  Students in this program are eligible to pursue careers as Home Health Aides, Rehabilitation Aides, Dietetic Aides, Clinical Secretaries, Registration Representatives, or Health & Wellness Coach.  This certificate also serves as a stackable credential for all of the Allied Health and Health Science programs offered at River Valley Community College and at other colleges throughout the CCSNH.

Program Goals

To provide students foundational knowledge in the healthcare fields, preparing them for entry level healthcare professions and for transfer to Associate Degree programs in Allied Health.

Program Outcomes

  Upon successful completion of the program, students will:

  • Have foundational knowledge of the human body and the body processes that physically and mentally impact health, wellness, and disease processes
  • Understand legal and ethical issues currently impacting healthcare
  • Appropriately use medical terms when discussing patients/clients with other members of the healthcare team
  • Understand the impact of insurance, including Medicare, on healthcare delivery
  • Work within the standards of HIPPA
  • Possess communication skills necessary for interaction with patients/clients across the lifespan
  • Accurately use technology related to healthcare delivery services
  • Accurately take vital signs
  • Safely assist patients/clients with transferring
  • Safely assist patients/clients who ambulate with assistive devices
  • Obtain knowledge/skills related to the job performance of one of the following professions: Health Coach, Rehabilitation Aide, Clinical Service Representative, Home Health Aide, Dietetic Aide

High school transcript/GED/HiSET scores


Students who have a positive Criminal Background Check may be prohibited from employment in certain healthcare facilities.

Total Credits:
33 – 35

Course Sequencing

Total Credits:
33 – 35

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